I am always asked to rank the top turquoise mines in the world. This is a thankless endeavor but important for the discussions and conclusions about turquoise’s rarity and values. The following is my ranking of the top 25 turquoise mines that I rank according to grade, supply, demand and overall rarity.

There are several other ways to decide a turquoise value, including a unique one-of-a-kind turquoise, size, its uses and everyone’s opinions. Everyone has opinions and that special piece from that special mine. What is for sale on the market might not be as good as what someone has in their collection.


Top 25 Turquoise Mines

These rankings are according to grades, supply, demand, marketing, opinion and comparison.

A. Compare the best turquoise from one mine next to the best turquoise from another mine.

B. Compare the history and provenance of each turquoise mine.

C. Compare the production of a mine to the influence it has on the overall turquoise market.

D. When looking at an individual stone from that turquoise mine: Is it a classic look or is it compared to a more famous mine that has that similar color and matrix?

E. Are there buyers who will immediately pay a cash price for that specific stone and how much cash for a specific stone?




1. Number Eight: Nevada, USA

2. Bisbee: Arizona, USA

3. Lander Blue: Nevada, USA

4. Lone Mountain: Nevada, USA

5. Persian: Nishapur, Iran

6. Yungaisi area: Hubei Province, China

7. Red Mountain: Nevada, USA

8. Morenci: Arizona, USA

9. Candelaria: Nevada, USA

10. Indian Mountain: Nevada, USA

11. Egyptian: Sinai, Egypt

12. Godber/Burnham: Nevada, USA

13. Blue Gem: Nevada, USA



14. Sleeping Beauty: Arizona, USA

15. Kingman, Arizona: USA

16. Zhushan area: Hubei Province, China

17. Maashan area: Anhui Province, China

18. Royston: Nevada, USA

19. Pilot Mountain: Nevada, USA

20. Tyrone: New Mexico, USA

21. Manassa: Colorado, USA

22. Stormy Mountain: Nevada, USA

23. Blue Diamond: Nevada, USA

24. Fox: Nevada, USA

25. Nevada Blue: Nevada USA

Others of note: Borredo, Turquoise Mountain, and Carico Lake

Please share your opinions and reasons.

Thank you for taking the time to share your passion about turquoise,

Joe Dan

I am always glad to answer questions and post objective disagreements. Turquoise is a massive subject. I will be posting one blog per week for the next 8 weeks. I will answer questions and respond to other peoples conversations of agreement and disagreement with a webcast the following week to the previous week’s blog.

Next Week’s Blog: Who is a turquoise expert?

Experience, opinions and disagreements about turquoise are part of the history and beauty that tie each generation together.

I hope that we all continue to learn more about turquoise together,

Joe Dan

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