The People’s Gemstone

By Joe Dan Lowry | © December 9, 2019

Turquoise is the only gemstone in the universe that parallels life, culture, beliefs and the
individuality of each person in our world. We are all unique, depending on our looks, opinions and
perspectives about life. There is no other gemstone in the world that individually relates to each subject of
life, history, science and language. We are all individually unique.
Turquoise can also be individually unique. Look at each piece of turquoise and see the unique
formations, colors, and matrix. How a person is introduced to the gemstone turquoise is generally how
they initially think about turquoise. A friend, salesperson, artist, miner and collector can each have unique
perspectives about the gemstone. Many Americans simply consider turquoise as a blue and green stone
set in Indian jewelry and are shocked that other places in the world produce and appreciate turquoise.
Many Iranians consider Persian turquoise the best turquoise in the world and are shocked that many other
cultures or collectors disagree with their opinion. Many collectors can not believe that someone would
buy a turquoise stone that “they, the collector” is an imitation or considered low grade. Everyone who has
a piece of turquoise and every culture that has traditions and uses of turquoise has a variety of opinions
about turquoise.
Turquoise is greater than any one culture and more colorful than any one opinion. A turquoise
miner might throw away a teeny tiny piece of turquoise into the tailing pile but a mineral collector of
miniatures would value the teeny tiny formation. A person who loves the blue color generally does not
appreciate the green colors of turquoise. A person who collects turquoise for clarity generally does not
collect the turquoise with spider’s web matrix. Turquoise is a gemstone that is owned and appreciated for
its individual beauty which is specifically defined by those who appreciate each unique formation and
color. Kind-a-like each of us is different and should be appreciated for our uniqueness.
Appreciating turquoise is like appreciating people. Each person we meet can look different and
sound different. People are different by age, size, nationality, culture, personality and opinions. Each
person is unique. What makes turquoise interesting is all the variety of turquoise and opinions about it.
Many times the consumer just buys what he or she likes, can afford or appreciates the use in art or culture.
Joe Dan Lowry
© December 9, 2019