About Us

1st Generation

Jesse Zachary Sr. managed the Villa Grove Turquoise Mine located in Colorado. After moving back home to New Mexico Jesse traded in turquoise, jewelry, and Indian arts and crafts.

2nd Generation

J.C. “Zack” Zachary Jr. grew up learning about turquoise from his dad. Zack fell in love with turquoise at the young age of 9 when he began to cut and polish turquoise as an up and coming lapidary. Zack’s passion for rocks resulted in the largest collection of natural turquoise on display in the world. Zack spent a lifetime traveling to collect turquoise and meet those in the industry. He even traveled to Persia to trade turquoise with the Shah, after one trip to Persia Zack became known internationally as The King Of Turquoise.

3rd Generation

Bob Zachary enjoyed working with his dad in their turquoise lapidary shop. In addition to stone cutting, Bob also enjoyed silversmithing. Fascinated by science Robert researched turquoise extensively in the 1980s

J.C. Zachary Sr.

J.C. Zachary Jr.

Katy Lowry & Robert A Zachary

Joe Dan Lowry

Danielle Lowry and Jacob Lowry