Exquisite turquoise

View some of the world’s rarest and most collectible pieces of turquoise and turquoise jewelry.

Exquisite Turquoise Pieces

View  some  of  the  world’s  rarest  and  most  collectible  pieces  of  turquoise  and  turquoise  jewelry.


Antiques  mostly  from  Europe  enhance  the  castle  experience 

Educational Exhibits

You will learn fascinating information about Mining, Science, Grading Turquoise, Lapidary Techniques, Turquoise Imitations, and Mystical Qualities.

Castle Experience

Grand halls, spiral staircase, and 127 chandeliers; the castle is something you cant miss!



Exquisite Turquoise Pieces

The museum displays are designed to educate, fascinate, and entertain. The Global Gallery displays 15 of the most collectible pieces of turquoise in the world; including the George Washington stone, the namesake of turquoise.

Traveling the world is easy in our international gallery as you can venture from country to country that have all used turquoise throughout history; our Southwest Gallery displays over 400 pieces of turquoise jewelry. Other galleries display information and items relating to subjects that include: Science, Turquoise Mines, Mining, Trade, Mystical Qualities, Imitations, Shopping, as well as more.

An amazing Location

The Turquoise Castle

The castle was built as a private residence in 2008. 

April 5th, 2019 the castle officially opened as “The Turquoise Castle, Home of the Turquoise Museum”.

The castle offers 8,000+ Sq Ft. of museum space. 

The Garden and grounds are beautiful.

The castle is centrally located in Downtown Albuquerque. 


Wonderful Museum

Fabulous collection. Our guide was a 5th generation owner.Very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. We really enjoyed the tour and was given the last tour for this location. Closed now till August 10th. They are moving to a new larger location. Worth the $8. Adult admission.

TexasJan, via TripAdvisor

This place is a GEM

Took the tour and found it to be very good. Lots of interesting articles and beautiful specimens. I spent two hours there and couldn’t believe it! I learned so much about tourquoise. 

Deborah K, via TripAdvisor

Awesome and Informative

The tour is great! Its family owned, and it houses a fantastic collection of turquoise. There were tips on how to differentiate between true turquoise and fake turquoise. If you ask, they can tell you what mine your turquoise is from. No point in arriving early as the door is locked until the time indicated on your ticket.

Mugsy1_1, via TripAdvisor

Whether you are new to town or a local, the Turquoise Museum is a must have experience!

Come in and see us today!