The Turquoise Museum’s galleries are designed to fascinate, educate, and entertain all visitors. Learning about turquoise can be a fun, exciting, and enjoyable experience. Turquoise is a large and detailed subject the nobody in the history of mankind has understood in its entirety, as you visit the museum please remember that you will probably not see or learn everything the first time or the way you may want to, but as you learn more about turquoise, you will feel more confident learning about and enjoying the gemstone.

The staff at the Turquoise Museum recommends taking the subjects related to turquoise one at a time; if you are interested in the mineralogy of the stone, focus on the Science Gallery; if you are want to learn the varieties of color that come from the american turquoise mines, then you will enjoy our gallery of mines; and if you are interested in the cultures famous for turquoise around the globe, spend your day in the International Gallery.

No matter what area of study interests you, our 13 different galleries are sure to fascinate you.