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A Professional Photography Equipment Permit must be purchased and obtained prior to all photography, professional or amateur, which utilizes equipment not permitted by the Visitor Photography Policy.

Hourly Pass: $40/HR.
Covers up to 2 photographers from the same company or group.
+ $50 per additional photographer

Single Day Pass: $300
Covers up to 2 photographers from the same company or group.
+ $50 per additional photographer

All photographers must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Unless otherwise authorized, in writing, all photography and photographers fall under and agree to follow the Turquoise Museum’s (Zach-Low Inc.) Visitor Photo Policy.
  • Equipment passes which outline our complete terms and conditions for photography are available online and at the Turquoise Museum front desk. Payment of fees is due at time of purchase.
  • Photography must not be disruptive to other visitors or block doors or walkways.
  • Equipment passes will be issued during the Turquoise Museum’s regular public operating hours Monday through Saturday. For photography or video shoots that must take place outside of the Museum’s regular public operating hours, additional requirements and fees apply. Please email Events@destinationsouthwest.com to inquire about this possibility.
  • Photographers must have their passes visible at all times while shooting at the Museum.
  • All approved photographers with passes who utilize professional photographic equipment must be accompanied at all times by a member of the Museum’s staff.
  • Equipment Passes must be purchased at least two weeks in advance of the intended date(s) of photography.
  • The Turquoise Museum and Zach-Low Inc. retains and owns all copyrights to any and all images taken on (or of) the Turquoise Museum Premises.
  • All Cameras are subject to inspection and are not guaranteed access to the Museum.
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